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WINNIPEG CLOTHING!!! [entries|friends|calendar]
Winnipeg clothes!

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March 6th, 2006
i like music, snowboarding, skateboarding, and my friends, i also enjoy a good laugh.
kevin spanky long is amazing, hes going to have my children
some bands/artists i like include johnny thunders and the heartbreakers, dianna ross and the supremes, new york dolls, t.s.o.l, stray cats,  hollywood brats, elvis costello, exploding hearts,  999,  plasmatics,  eazy e, etc etc etc.

umm i also live in winnipeg thats probably why im on this community.
This is a recent pic of me...
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*Me mang [Monday
March 6th, 2006

[ mood | anxious ]

Yeah so apparently I'm suppose to make a post about myself with a picture of me. Well, my names Jessica (also known as King). I like hanging out and partying with with my good friends, listening to music, collecting music, eating, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, drinking, drugs and all the other fun stuff, y'know.
I wanna sell a bunch of really cool stuff that I dont fit/wear anymore and I will buy stuff whenever I see something I like.

Here's a picture of me, sorry it's not that recent
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Joined!! [Saturday
March 4th, 2006

Well this is my most recent pic.... I'm Kayla... Hooray.

join the army [Friday
March 3rd, 2006

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JOINED. [Thursday
March 2nd, 2006


old hideous photo, whatever.


I'm Marli, LiveJournal cut isn't working so basically it can die.

I'm FROM North Kildonan and go to school.

Interested in purchasing some things, and possibly selling some things, when I get around to rummaging through it...

BYE. SORRY ABOUT LIVEJOURNAL CUTS. Music= Tiger Army, The Meteors, The Stray Cats, Blondie, The Cramps, Nekromantix, and some Streetlight Manifesto.

Yes, Caitlan, I will promote, promote, promote.
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March 2nd, 2006


My names Amber. No I do not use contrast, I'm just really white.
I have too many clothes for my own good, and I only wear 1/4 of them. I make clothes too. Expect a biiiig post in the near future.

February 28th, 2006

[ mood | blah ]

I need sunglasses.

Anyone (other than the people who've already posted with sunglasses) have any pairs they're willing to sell me? Show some pictures!!!


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joined... [Tuesday
February 28th, 2006


sorry, lj cut won't work, its pretty much an asshole

name: deana
age: 17
so yeah, im pretty sweet, as in radness. i go to school? last year, woo hoo. hopefully going to college after school for graphic design. i have a pretty much boring style of clothes because i wear the same thing everyday, to lazy you know, its just school im going to, nobody interesting there... har har.

This is me
i pretty much rule


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February 28th, 2006

kay. i'm not able to put a lj cut.
i dont kno if its just my computer.
but lj cut is'nt working. DAMMIT.

this is just some stuff. 

red poka dot skirt. tight on me.              hot pink skirt. small. kinda tight on me. but still fits
small                                                          small

orange dress. fits me.                             black tank top deal thing. kinda see thru
touches the neck..                                    medium
kinda tight on the breast area. 
and i dont have a chest.

pants. tight pants.                                     checkerd skirt. it dosen't zip all the way up on me.
size 7 apparently.                                      small?                                                                        

flamed creepers. never worn. got them off of ebay.
didnt fit me.
size 7 males.

sorry about the no lj cut.
its just not liking me.
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February 28th, 2006

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February 27th, 2006

Lj cuts still won't work!!!
I'm sorry for the huge post and lack of lj cut!!!!!!
I also appologize for the shitty quality photos, I'm too poor to afford a digital camera.

White purse (never used)... cute little triangles are interchangeable!!!

Red Glitter TUK Creepers
Women's sz/ 8
Worn twice/Great Condition

Bright orange striped top (picture doesn't show how bright it really is)
Fits about a sm/med.

Black lace corset top
Never worn
fits size small

Black & White striped tube top
Worn once
Fits size small

Black polka dot skirt, fits just above knee
can be sewn shorter if you want
fits any size cause it's really stretchy

patches, all are used

Unseen backpatch, used but in good decent condition

Lime green & white striped tank top
(sorry you cant really see the colours properly!)
Worn once
fits any size cause its stretchy

Gold dress from Le Chateau (halter dress)
never worn, still has price tag on
Size: Small ( Fits a little loose on me and i'm about 115 -120lbs.)

Close up of dress
Has black slip built in underneath because the gold is woven

Blue dress with flowers, cute summer dress.
Fits just past knees & is a halter dress
Worn once, purchased from Le Chateau
Size: small, but also a little loose on me

Halter top from Sirens ( I love this shirt so much but i never wear it)
size: small
Used, but in GREATcondition
Fits really nicely

Sunglasses: both in fairly good condition
The ones with diamonds have a wobbly arm thing, but otherwise fit fine

Fishnet Tights (from left to right): HOT pink, Lime green, bright blue, lavender
all never worn, one sz fits all
Tiger Tights: worn a few times, but no holes, fits up to size medium/large

GBH 'Give me Fire' Poster, never opened

I'm willing to Sell or Trade
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February 27th, 2006

it's me, natt.

ummm. i'm from winnipeg.
i joined this community cause i want some sweet shit.
and to get rid of some sweet shit. WOO.

I like stuff, like music, food, art, movies, tv.

music..: social distortion, throwdown, vice squad,
                the vibrators, johnny cash, joan jett, gwar.

lj cut is'nt being cool but this is the most recent picture
of me.

its pretty gay.

February 27th, 2006

SOO... Lj cuts don't work!!!
I'm Carly (DUHHH), I like stuff like music, my amazing friends, clothes, Y'KNOW... girl stuff?
I listen to cool music: Elvis, The Cramps, Social D, The Meteors, The Plasmatics, The Stray Cats, New York Dolls, The Vibrators, 999, The Briefs, Batmobile, etc.

I joined this community to get rid of some clothes and get some new ones AND I live in Winnipeg

Thats the most recent pic I have of myself

February 27th, 2006

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February 27th, 2006

Hey I'm Angie

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February 27th, 2006
HEY. I guess i'll start out by posting a picture. this is me.
Image hosting by Photobucket
I actually didnt realize how much stuff i wouldn't mind selling until I went through my drawers this morning. But here some stuff I could find!

FO SALE, FO SHO!Collapse )
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Hey, weirdos! [Sunday
February 26th, 2006

SO I AM CHELSEY. Here is a picture of me. I can't get it to resize right, so thats up to you hotties. 
I have over 100 positive feedback through ebay, punkmart (I'm under jigsawyo___uth on punkmart feedback), and laundromatic. 

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