ouchouch_ouch (ouchouch_ouch) wrote in winnipegclothes,

I have alot more shit to sell but ill just start with some random things i found in my room that i never touch and
 proably will never touch again.
Just name a price if you want any of this shit.

Red Radio Purse

Teal Coloured Earrings

green studded belt, size 28/30 i do believe.

Stretchy black and white madonna t-shirt, size small.

The shortest skirt you will ever see, size 5

pink pegged dickies pants with black pinstripes(my legs are sick), size 5

purple  and red le tigre shirt, ive only worn it twice. size youth medium

PUrple tinted glasses, umm there pretty large i guess

snazzy gold belt i got at value village, fits any size

Long john tshirt, size small/medium. You need some small tits to fit into it

pink and white striped tube top, its pretty short so if your willing to show off that midriff ladies and gentlemen than i suggest buying it

just some plain green shirt i got from winners, ive only worn it once, ALSO CHECK OUT MY DOLLIN DECK IN THE BACKGROUND SWEET RIGHT!

i hate this cd so someone should buy it... clash "combat rock"

white zip up, worn less then 5 times, size medium. There is gathering around the sleeves, and pockets might i add.

teal zipup, size medium to large, its pretty big, it also makes my tits look huge.

fancy glasses, pink tinted.... wow my desk looks really clean hahaha
i just washed it(not)

pink wool sweater,  ive never worn it. size small/ medium probably.

hahahahhahaha  ya this is awesome thought it added a little touch to this dry post.

anyways i have way more things to sell but im lazy and i'll make another update another time sumtime in the near future,
also sorry about  there being no lj cut.

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