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I need money for new summer clothes!

If you don't like my price make me an offer. Some things dont have prices because im lazy, so if you want anything just make me an offer. And if you want any info comment!

Cosmetics+Related (Yup, im a loser and made categories)

MAC Postcards (If you have them from older collections, show me and lets trade!)

Teal and naked pigment vials from the holiday collection. Naked has about 1/2 tsp left in it, and I truly cant tell how much is left in the Teal vial. There is no clear line that shows how much is left in the vial, there is residue all along the sides and more on the inside. I'm guessing probably a heaping 1/2 tsp. or more left inside.

MAC Shimmerene Glitter Cream, Used about 2-3x, I bought this brand new off another LJ user but I just dont use it a ton, Givenchy Eyeshadow Prism in Corail, this has a chip out of it and has been used a bit

MAC Saucepot Glitter Liner, LE, Used maybe 2-3x

Lancome 'Fizz' juicy tube, Mini size

Victoria Secret 'Love Spell' Lotion, 55-60% left

MAC Teal Stashette from the Holiday Collection, Says MAC on the zipper pull, LE

Clinique Makeup Bag, In almost new condition

unused mascara wands, prestige white liquid eyeliner used 1x lightly, nyc liquid lipshine in an awesome nude pamela anderson-esque color used about 3x, clinique lip treatment used 2x, revlon skinlights lipgloss in rose quartz used 1x lightly, nyx eyeshadow swiped 2x

Mango and coconut lotion 60% left 3$, Cocoa butter lotion 70% or so left 1$

Caboodles shimmery stuff (used like twice?) 1$, totally juicy pore strips (used 3-4x) 2$, midnight blue and sunset red (or something?) eyeliner by some brand I bought at shoppers 1$ for both, and glitter sample 1$ or free with purchase

Wella cream lightener, box hasnt been opened 4$


padlock necklace from back when i was cool, you know the deal

white and black belts, the white ones pretty beaten up from a night on the ground, yeehaw. 4$, the black ones in awesome condition 6$

Leopard headbands 1$ each, earrings 1$ per pair, star hair clips (I don’t know, 1$ for em? Or less?)

Some weirdo tote bag I got, I was gonna use it for DIY but I'm too lazy


Leopard belt, probably fits a size 5-9
Make an offer

Assorted patches- Oxymoron and Toxic Narcotic are gone. Motley Crue was a backpatch that I sewed onto a shirt, and then once I realized how dumb that was I removed it. So its a super thick backpatch now! The Adverts was from a fullbreach 77 shirt that I bought too big and was going to sew it onto a smaller shirt but never got around to it. 


bright yellow tube top, size xl, i bought it and was just gonna sew it in but never got around to it

plaid button up brokeback mountain shirts, they’re both a size medium I think. Good stuff.

red/black striped dogpile shirt, size small, i just bought this but its too short on me, super stretchy

Black zip up hoodie, size large but it fits like a medium, little bit of fading

Black cropped blazer with 3/4 length sleeves, has one button to do up, size medium
Make an offer

Cute button up collared top. size medium.
Make an offer

Red/White striped boatneck top, This shirt is sooo cute. Size large but fits more like a medium or even a small.

Reallly cute collared top. The pattern is black and white checkered, my camera kind of screwed it up. Its got two pockets on the front, and has elbow length sleeves. Awesome condition. Sewn into fit a size medium.


yellow/green footless tights

Green vintage skirt, its got some blue pen marks on one of the sides but they’re not super noticeable. Its reallllly stretchy, so probably a size medium to large

animal print mini skirt, small-medium 4$?

Diy green leopard skirt, this isn't in great condition, it could be fixed with a little sewing, size small to medium
Make an offer

White leopard skirt. This zips up the back. It was sewed in to fit tapered like a pencil skirt but its too big on me now so it doesnt really look like it in the picture. Best fit an M-L. Ask for measurements!

ultra low rise gap pants, sewed in to fit tight, size 8

cutoff lei jeans, size 11 (but fit more like a 9) take these away from me for like 2$ !


Incense, never used

Moooore scrap material. whatever you wanna pay, CHEAAAAAP! (Polkadot is gone!)

 I also have a cute soundgirl tube top/halter top and 14 eye underground boots up on ebay! 
HEYYY, my descriptions are cheesy as hell. 
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